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Websites that I have created recently.

  • Noesium Consulting Inc.
  • Power Gold - Consultant to support new ICs
  • BioMedical Enterprises Inc.
  • Hui Jiang Visaul & Game Programming Portfolio Website
  • The Library of The Art Institute of California - San Francisco
  • Kenneth Cole Weaver -
  • ArosscoMedia Web Design Company
  • Business Services Unlimited
  • CSS Zengarden - Chinese Papercut
  • CSS Zengarden - Chinese Knots

Noesium Consulting Inc.

Noesium Consulting Inc. is a digital consulting boutique. I designed and developed Noesium's company website to help promoting company brand. In this project, I also changed company blog's layout to match with company website layout.

Power Gold

I was hired by Power Gold - Consultant to support new ICs from CSS layout for website design, and also I created Clients' contact from for Power Gold by using PHP and MySQL.

BioMedical Enterprises Inc.

BioMedical Enterprises Inc. is a company to research, develop and commercialize medical devices for the dialysis industry. I design this website by using XHTML markup and CSS layout.

Hui Jiang VGP Portfolio Website is my Visaul & Game Programming Portfolio Website, which shows my ability for Game Design & Game Programming. It was designed by using Adobe Flash and ActionScript 2.0.

The Library of AiCASF

I redesigned the library of the Institute of California – San Francisco's website via CSS. Compared with the previous table layout, the valid CSS layout website will reduce the bandwidth and help improve Search Engine Optimization.

Kenneth Cole Weaver –

Kenneth Cole Weaver is a 3D artist. He designed his website layout, and I helped him to build his website by using valid XHTML markup and CSS layout.

ArosscoMedia Web Design Company

ArosscoMedia is a Web Design Company at Barrie, ON, Canada, which provides the small businesses with the web presence that serves their clients needs. I worked there as a Web Designer & Web Programmer in 2005.

Business Services Unlimited

Business Services Unlimited is another client of ArosscoMedia, which has provided bookkeeping and administrative services in Barrie and area for over 25 years. The layout and design is table-less, featuring a valid CSS layout.

CSS Zengarden I – Chinese Papercut

The CSS Zen Garden is a site aimed to show the power and extensibility of CSS. According to Chinese traditional culture – Paper Cut, I designed this project. The layout and design is table-less, featuring a valid CSS layout.

CSS Zengarden II – Chinese Knots

This is another CSS project I did. The idea comes from Chinese Knots. With only the CSS changing from design to design, I made another different version of CSS Zengarden. The layout and design is table-less, featuring a valid CSS layout.