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About Me

I am Hui Jiang and I was born and raised in the northeast region of China. After four years studying for my Bechelor's degree in Electronic Enginerring in China, I decided to go overseas to pursue higher education and a see a broader world. In the summer of 2003 I was in Canada and learned Web Design and Development at Georgian College. I am specialize in Web Design, Web Development and Web Programming. I am also trained and particularly interested in the areas of E-commerce, Web Content Management and Web Marketing.

I am particularly proud of my academic achievements having earned honors recognition throughout my program. I strongly believe that my advanced my skills as well as my extensive working experiences - combined with my strong time management, independent working ability, and good organizational skills - have prepared me very well for any team environment.

I am confident that I have developed the skills and attitudes necessary to handle a successful career in the Web Design and Development field.

Pleased feel free to contact me to discuss any opportunities you may have.


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